‘No entry’ making no difference

Residents of Sector 16 wonder whether putting up of signboards is enough to stop the entry of vehicles from any specific road.

Vijay Wallunj, resident of Sector 16 Vashi informs, “Two months back Traffic department in coordination with NMMC had declared No Entry from the road starting from Maharashtra State Education Board and St Lawrence High School to Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College. This was done considering the number of students using this road. Thousands of students use this road on daily basis and are seen moving carelessly. This raises the possibility of accidents. Moreover one of the footpaths along this road is blocked with garbage bin and huge sewerage pipeline dumped on it. This is why residents and the parents of the students demanded that the road be declared a ‘one way’ “.
He adds, “The step of declaring No Entry from this point was welcomed by the parents with high hopes, but to their dismay motorists continue to enter from the No Entry point. The authorities have turned a blind eye to these violations and have not taken any action against violators. Another resident says, “Putting up signboards does not mean that rules are being followed. At least for the safety of children the Traffic police should rein in the violators”.
— Jaspal Singh Naol

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