NMUJ to felicitate women journalists in city

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Navi Mumbai Union of Journalists organised a felicitation ceremony for all women media personnel of Navi Mumbai at the Pushpanjali auditorium in the Dr D Y Patil hospital in Nerul. Shraddha Belasare, director information and publicity department, Govt. of Maharastra, senior journalists Rahi Bhide and Vaishali Rode, medical director of Dr D Y Patil University Dr Priya Patil Cholera were the key speakers and guests of honour at the event.
Dr Nandita Palshetkar was honoured for her special achievement of the highest success rate of 52% in In-Vitro Fertilization in the world, on behalf of the women journalists in the city. There was almost 41 women journalist present at the occasion. Each of the female journalists was awarded with the certificates and gift of honour. Machindra Patil, president of NMUJ said, “There were hardly any female journalist about five to seven years ago, but now there is an increase in the list of woman in the media. This clearly imparts that woman today have same position and respect as that of man.”
Rahi Bhide said, “For hiring a female in media or any other industry, the company thinks a lot. But now scenario is changing, women are also getting the position of seniority in the industries. They also own property and wealth of their own. Women are realising their ability to set educational, career, and economic goals for themselves and achieving them. This is definitely worth celebrating and cheering. Since the last 15-20 years, more and more young women are also putting career first and delaying marriage and children.”

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