NMMC Local Politicians new Publicity pattern : Rumors

With NMMC Election just a month away the unknown Political Leaders of the ruling Party NCP are running Pillar to Post and trying all the tricks to gain publicity from media.

One of such trick was tried by one of the lower grade Political Leader who is hardly known by common man. He has shared one of the image with the Thane District Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde and stated that he joined Shiv Sena.

When the media enquired from the Minister Shinde he released the statement that, “A group of MIDC Resident had visited him to express the problem they are facing. In the same group the rumor spreader man was also there. He has not joined Shiv Sena, neither has Shiv Sena accepted his joining.”

Informers says, “its election time and every small leader is trying to play such games to lure money from one or the other Leader, this is one such act.

It is also being stated that the said man is a ‘Bhangar Mafia’ and suspected accused in murder of Police Constable Gopal Saindane

*Navi Mumbai Lifestyles is not using the name of the said Rumor spreader Politician to ensure that he doesn’t receive the needed Publicity.

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