NMMC launches website on election, residents want voters’ list in ward offices

In view of the forthcoming elections for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, NMMC has launched its website for convenience of residents. Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata informs, “This website will provide basic information like maps of various wards indicating their limits, announcements and news related to election, and important phone numbers”.
Although the step taken by NMMC is welcomed by residents who had to run from pillar to post for obtaining even little information. However, they also have suggestions which they feel must be incorporated. Riyaz Shaikh, a local trader said that the corporation must put up ward-wise voters’ list on the website or at least add a link from where one can check one’s name.
NMMC has put up the ward-wise voters’ list at its headquarters and asked residents to cross-check and respond if they find any errors. Social Worker Santosh Biswas says, “NMMC has posted the ward-wise voters’ list at its headquarters from February 22 to 26 and called upon residents to cross-check them. But as all are working days one hardly finds the time to reach the said venue. Instead, it would have been better if the list had been put up in respective ward offices and kept open for viewing on forthcoming Sunday”.
RC Mishra resident of Koper Khairane expressed “The corporation announced the checking on the very day it published the list, this is a very wrong practice as one is not aware of it and it hardly gets time to plan. As to check whether one’s name does not have a spelling mistake, it takes anything between one and two hours to locate it and one may not even find it after it. Similarly, if the name is published in wrong ward, how can one guess which ward it could be and how will one check the list of 89 wards”.
Observers say that NMMC must hear the suggestions of residents and post the list in each and every ward office and also agree to entertain changes for 15 days at least, only then the purpose of launching the website and suggestions from residents will get a chance.

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