Navi Mumbai – Vashi – BROKEN FOOTPATHS TROUBLE THE COMMUTERS Date of Publishing: 2011-01-21 00:00:00.0

The residents of Sector 3 residing along the main road allege that the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is ignoring their problems. With little choice residents are forced to walk on broken uneven footpaths.
One spokesperson of Galaxy Cooperative Housing Society, Sector 3, Vashi says, “NMMC has many visions from developing ponds to schools. But, it fails to develop the footpath that is used by 95 per cent of the residentsirrespective of the class they belong to. The working people use it for coming and going back, women use it for household marketing, children use it to go to school, while senior citizens and youth use it for walking and jogging respectively.
But most of the footpaths either broken or dug up. Daily, lakh of people using the footpaths are facing the chaos. The footpath, which link Vashi Railway Station and Vashi Bus Depot are used by the residents of Sector 9, 9A, 10 and Sector 10 A. The authority has left it after the dug up works. This has created a great menace as when the residents cross the road from the Big Splash corner towards Meghraj Theatre they are found to use this footpath that leads to Vashi Bus Terminal. But there is always the threat of the dug up unfinished works. When contacted with the NMMC ward officer, Ashok Madhavi he said, “I am not aware of it and I will check that and act accordingly.”

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