Navi Mumbai Police Website goes Down in just Two Days

navi mumbai police websiteNavi Mumbai: On 9th November 2015 the Navi Mumbai Police proudly announced the launch of its website This sites main objective was to provide online daily based multi-services to the citizens and to initiate a proper dialog with them. But to the dismay the site has gone down in just two days.

This site was to provide information and contact details of Navi Mumbai based Police Stations. Moreover it was also going to provide information on various Licences, Permissions, Law and Safety information. This site was a must for the residents of Navi Mumbai as it will save the time of many concerned citizens. It also has Website links for various departments like Traffic Department, Womens Cell, Crime Cell, Anti Human Trafficking etc.

This site has come up with two major apps Inform Police and Citizen’s Cop, wherein one can interlink herself/himself directly with the nearby Police Station.



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