Navi Mumbai : CITY PULSE Whom are you going to make happy this valentine?


Whom are you going to make happy this valentine?

Love is in the air and Valentine Day is all about spreading love. Cityplus speaks to our readers to know how they have planned to celebrate the day.

Visit slum areas

Saint Valentine was a great man who taught us all to spread messages of love no matter what class, creed or culture the person belongs to. I am going to take my son to slum area to make him feel for the down trodden people of society.

CBD Belapur

Time to enjoy

It’s a great time to enjoy. After all it’s with our friends, whom we share our emotions and love. So, I have already kept my date with my friends. We will be watching movies and hanging around at the Vashi based malls.

Preeti Mandal,

Greet family members

It’s the day when a boy like me gets an opportunity to express our feeling to someone we love and care. But, before stepping out of my house, I will greet my family members.

Saif Khan,
Koper Khairane

Go for a romantic dinner

This is the only day, when I can get anything and everything I ask from my husband. We have planned a romantic dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

Sonali Rahul Kumar,

A date with my boyfriend

I will be going out on a fully planned date with my boyfriend and I will give him some surprise, so I am extremely excited.

Savita Chavan,

Spend with elderly people

I will be visiting the nearby NGOs to spend time with the elderly people, the most ignored sections of society. I will sit, chat and play with them.

Vijayanta Pawse,

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