City dog lovers are distressed over the disappearance and killing of dogs from various localities and neighbourhoods of Navi Mumbai. They claim that unidentified person/s are roaming around the city in a vehicle and taking away dogs illegally. They are afraid that Indian origin dogs may disappear soon if this practice is not stopped.

Atithi Lehri, a dog lover says, “In Vashi, complaints are being heard from Sectors 4 and 7 where bodies of dogs are being found. In CBD Belapur, the same is happening in front of the Central Library of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) and just behind Health Department of NMMC. The worst part is that even bitches with new-born puppies are not being spared. Many times these dogs are killed just because they are infected with some skin disease. These diseases are not at all transferrable. It is the responsibility of police to identify the culprit/s and take action”.Arati Chauhan, another dog lover, says, “In the past few days we have noticed that stray dogs are slowly vanishing from streets. Complaints are coming from Sector 16, Vashi, Sector 19, Nerul as well as from Kharghar and other nodes. One does not know whether these dogs are killed or used for some other reason.
Renu Rai, also a dog lover, says, “The only way out is by spreading the message of saving Indian origin dogs before they vanish entirely. It is time that people come forward and save these dogs as both police and NMMC have turned a blind eye”.
–Jaspal Singh Naol

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