Multi-storey parking project on hold for one year

The much- awaited multi-storey parking project in Vashi has been put on hold, at least for one year, say reports.
Parking problem has been unaddressed for the past many years. Sector 17 has the highest number of commercial offices in the entire Navi Mumbai. Each day lakhs of people come here for some or the other business. Most of them bring in their vehicles but find no proper parking arrangements.
Most of the roads along the footpaths have been declared as Pay and Park. This only gives partial relief to residents who are forced to deal with the traffic chaos that occurs on a daily basis due to this. At many places the allotted Pay and Park areas are even being used as garages for repairing and servicing the vehicles.
The only solution to parking woes was the proposed multi-storey parking from Shivaji Chowk to Arenja Corner. But to the dismay of residents the proposed project has been withheld for more than one year. A source reveals that the proposed project depends on the development of a storm water drain along this stretch.Digamber Deshpande an engineer with Tandon and Associates, consultant with NMMC informs, “NMMC had proposed a project for redevelopment of all storm water drains of Navi Mumbai under JNNURM. Technically it has received approval, but due to lack of funds from Centre, the proposed project is expected to take off only by next financial year”.He adds, “The proposed project is meant for strengthening and beautification of storm water drain. Once that is done NMMC is expected to take up the said project of multi-storey parking”.
Hence residents and visitors to Vashi will have to wait at least for one more year for the multi-storey parking project to come up.

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