Migrants Stay Where They Are, System is in the Position to Take Care of All

– Konkan Divisional Commissioner Shivaji Daund

Alibaug, District Raigad: People, Labour from outside the Maharashtra state staying in Mumbai, suburbs, etc don’t leave the place where you are either village or city. If you are in any problem, you can call in the below numbers. So that help services can be reached like, Food, Health, Shelter etc.

District Collector Mumbai City -022-22662440, Mumbai Suburb Bandra – 022-26514742, Thane – 022-25344041, Palghar – 02525-253111, Raigad- 02141-222001, Ratnagiri- 02352-222301, Sindhudurga- 02362-228844.

Resident Deputy Collector Mumbai City- 022-22670656, Mumbai Suburb Bandra- 022-26556806, Thane- 022-25345130, Palghar- 02525-252520, Raigad- 02141-222081, Ratnagiri- 02352-223573, Sindhudurga- 02362-228845.

District Disaster Management Control Room-
Mumbai City- 022-22664232, Mumbai Suburb Bandra- 022-26556799, Thane- 022-25301740, Palghar- 02525-297474, Raigad- 02141-222118/222322, Ratnagiri-02352-226248, Sindhudurga-02362-228847.

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