Land survey in city to start soon

After a long gap of almost 30 years, land survey in the city has finally been proposed. The survey which will help government offices to have updated records of land ownership, has come in the wake of numerous cases of land frauds.
Out of the 30 villages coming under Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation limits, a partial survey of 15 villages was conducted in 1971 and since then no official land survey was organized in the city. Six month ago, the Government of Maharashtra has permitted NMMC and CIDCO to conduct land survey within their limits. It is expected that the survey will be initiated within one month.
“Such survey helps administration in planning for the city. The proposed survey will be done by a private agency. After the survey is completed the authority will have updated records of land ownership,” informs an official of Town Planning Department, NMMC.
Navi Mumbai is a city comprising of urban and rural areas. The rural lands here were awarded to Project-Affected People under Gaonthan extension scheme are owned by joint families of villagers. This is where few land sharks make huge money by cheating innocent house buyers and investors. One such case pertains to 1200 poor families who invested their life savings to buy houses in Ghansoli Chawl. But it came as a big shock to them when these chawls were demolished as they were illegally built. Interestingly, these chawls were being provided all basic amenities like water connection from NMMC, electricity from MSEDC etc.
The step of conducting the survey will definitely end many such disputes arising in the city as one will be able to do title verification from the respective authorities.
Sceptics are however raising doubts whether land mafia will let the survey happen in rural areas or not. So till the time the survey gets over, it will only be wait and watch.

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