Kolkata artists busy in preparing idols

A team of eight artists under the banner of N C Pal and sons run by Bishwanath Pal from Lake Town, Kolkata are preparing eco-friendly idols for the city.
Bhavesh Sarkar an artist from Boat Ghar, Sotpur informs, “We are making idols for six venues: one each at sectors 2, 6, 9, 15 and Assam Bhawan in Vashi and one in Sector 9, Koper Khairane. The biggest idol is 25 feet high. It is being prepared at the playground of ICL High School, Sector 15, Vashi by Vashi Cultural Association.
Explaining the procedure of making eco-friendly idols he says, “The idol is made with bhusa mixed with mountain mud, grass and bamboo. The face and fingers of the Maa and finishing of the idol are done with the mud from Ganga river of Kolkata”.

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