Since its foundation, IREF has made a significant difference by providing homebuyers with the first independent real estate information platform. Now the time has come for another leap forward!

We confirm that the acquisition is under process and also a strategic long term association of IREF and Housing. With our systematically built collaborative capabilities, we will function as repositories of relevant information and data on Indian real estate.

• has technologically advanced work force and that will enable us to create new metrics with which to measure and evaluate relevant data.
● IREF has an established and highly interactive platform and the community to enrich the data with experiences and opinions.

Finding the right information is fundamental to a successful real estate transaction and we will empower the buyer with all the information they need to make wiser and more informed real estate decisions.

IREF will stay independent of Housing and will be a separate and neutral enterprise. Housing will not have any influence on IREF as they fully endorse and support IREF’s vision and mission: to empower and protect buyers. The current administrators of the forum will stay to ensure the independence of the forum. Together we can dramatically improve the availability and accessibility of independent information.

What will change for users?

IREF users will get easy access to lots of additional data to help their decision-making. The availability, accessibility, timeliness and transparency of the information they need to make informed decisions will dramatically increase.

A mobile app will be launched that will empower the users and members to access IREF anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Extra functionalities and an improved user interface will empower homebuyers to find information, share questions and experiences faster and easier – via web as well as mobile.

As mentioned earlier, IREF will stay independent of Housing and will be a separate and neutral enterprise. IREF will help Housing and others in understanding the buyer’s perspective; explore authentic scenarios and other valid requirements of real estate consumers.

Rohini Dutt, founder IREF:
“Our ambition has always been to increase transparency and help homebuyers to make better decisions. Housing’s involvement makes it possible to take a huge leap forward in achieving that goal. With Housing’s expertise, data and cutting technologies we can really change the experience of buying a home. Together we will empower the buyer with all the information they need to make more informed real estate decisions”.

Ravish Naresh, CEO IREF and co-founder

“At we are dedicated to make the experience of finding a perfect home easy and fun. Since we know limited access to reliable information hampers the experience of buying a home, we want to eradicate this. Together with the strong community of IREF we believe that we can bridge the information gap”.


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