Invite to Narmada for a meeting of young minds….

..towards national transformation

In memory of Late Shri Ashishbhai
Resolve to strengthen the people’s struggle in the Narmada valley

When: 19th and 20th May, 2012

Where: NBA Office, Badwani, Madhya Pradesh

As the people’s struggle in the Narmada valley completes its 27th year, an entire generation is in its twilight. Families, that have struggled to save their river, valley, agriculture, forest, tree cover, fisheries, culture, relations and village communities have not just survived various onslaughts by the State, but have also redefined their own development……The children of the Narmada valley have grown up, witnessing and many a times being part of this living story of Satyagraha, of rights and resistance, of the resilience to stay put and of asserting one’s own ‘development’, a struggle spanning over years and even decades. We are the same children, having become youngsters today; many having been educated, working for a living; seeing the world change, as we have been seeing our own saga of ‘struggle’ and ‘reconstruction’ in the Narmada valley.
All of us do watch and analyze the ‘movements’ of people’s agitations and aspirations within the country and across the world. Many of us, having been part of the anti corruption popular uprising, as youngsters from the Jeevanshalas (life –schools) in the hilly areas or from the plains of Nimad, whether engaged in farming or some other vocation, have constantly been concerned as to how and when will our country attain freedom from the cycle of loot, corruption, violence, injustice and inequality! How long will our people, not just from the Narmada valley, but the farmers, adivasis, dalits, fisher people, workers, potters, artisans, small traders, millions of ‘ordinary’ citizens continue to remain cheated and looted by the corrupt nexus of politicians-officials-corporates-mafia-builders and other vested interests ?
When will the dream of every ordinary citizen; of every farmer and worker; of every youth; cutting across the barriers of caste, class, gender, education etc. be realized? When will every person have adequate food, clothing, shelter, education, health, livelihood, social security, a dignified way of life, free of violence and injustice and a corruption free, people-friendly governance? When will our dream of building such a nation, a society where we would all have true unity, integrity and humanity come true?
We have the hope and belief that if this dream is to be fulfilled, the youth must come forward; will have to make some concrete attempts, thinking and acting beyond one’s immediate material needs, one’s family, career, earnings; if one is really keen to ‘save’ the nation and ‘change’ the society. If we can change, why will not our villages, towns and cities? In fact, our entire nation will…
So come on friends…let us make a simple yet firm resolve in this collective journey towards social and national transformation; let us begin with ourselves; our families and our village communities.
Let us all come together at the Narmada: Meeting of Young Minds…Lets discuss our ideas, aspirations and strategies……our lives and future, individual and collective, lets think of the struggles we are a part of and want to be a part of, let’s also understand our Constitution, some basic laws, our role, rights and responsibilities …..come on…..let us explore the strength of organized, united action and let’s re-affirm our commitment to a truly better world.
This invite from the youth and the young in the Narmada is also to all our counterparts in other struggles and areas across the country, who, we know, share our vision, our aspirations, our fears and our situation… The struggle in the Narmada has been a struggle for retaining and regaining a way of life; a humane one… As a fitting tribute to Ashishbhai, who mortally left us two years ago, let us attempt to carry the torch and keep the light aglow …….for the night is long and dark….but with a hope that morning shall come …….
So, please do come forward to register your name….Kindly make arrangements to reach the Badwani office of Narmada Bachao Andolan by the night of 18th May. We shall be together on the 19th and 20th May, 2012….with each other, our supporters and our own guiding elders….Looking forward to see you …

Kailash Awasya |
Dayal Solanki |
Rahul Yadav |
Bhagirath  |
Dimple Sen | Medha Patkar   | Shrikanth 

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