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Housing and Development: Challenges and Solutions

Venue:- Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh Hall, Nr. Azad Maidan, CST, Mumbai

Date: June 14, 2011 Time: 1 pm. Onwards

A large percentage of the urban poor and middle class population in Mumbai are facing enormous problems in seeking affordable housing. On one hand, there is a nexus of builders-politicians-bureaucrats that is grabbing land from the poor in the slums as well as co-operatives, which are decades old. On the other hand, the Government is using the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme to transfer the meagre 8-9% of Mumbai’s land underneath poor localities to builders who earn crores of rupees worth profit and gain power to rule the state. Not that this is not happening in other states but Mumbai is exceptionally being occupied and its landscape with land use is fast changing, to marginalise the changing masses but to make everyone’s life difficult and dangerous with no amenities but increasing atrocities.

The recent murder of senior journalist J. Day as well as attack by builders’ men in Ghatkopar on Sandeep Yevle, an activist with slum dwellers, show the level to which the criminalisation in “real estate development “ is reached. The battles in Golibar, Gurunanak Nagar, Sion Koliwada or Ramnagar…. Malad, Mulund to Mankhurd, every slum rehabilitation is infested with the attacks and atrocities with support from police and politicians, corrupt and callous.

We have to condemn this and assert our rights. Right to housing, not through anti poor, land grabbing builders but through affordable housing for which ‘self-development’ alternatives, schemes like Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana as well as using 30,000 acres of above ceiling land in the hands of the few elites are to be the parameters of an alternative paradigm which we propose and will strive to attain. We, the strugglers all over Mumbai would come together again, after the recent 9 days fast in Golibar to bring forth our perspective to

Save the house: Build a house; Save Mumbai: Save the country

Do come and join us in the Mass meeting.

· To condemn attacks by the criminal builders

· TO know the alternatives, safe and sustainable, affordable and equitable in housing.

· To assert our right to safe life, safe Mumbai.

Speakers: G.G. Parikh in chair

o Narayan Ghagre, political activist

o Neera Adarkar, architect and planner.

o D. Chandrashekhar

o Medha Patkar, Raj Awasthi, S. Prabhu, Vivek Pandit,

o Sanjeev Chandorkar, Habitat Centre, TISS

o Maju Verghese, Sandip Yeole, Shakil Ahmed and other

o Other social activists

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