Illegal chopping of trees continues in city

Importance of trees can never be ignored, especially in Navi Mumbai, the city of concrete jungle. Each year hundreds of trees are being planted to sustain environmental balance here. Unfortunately, there are a few unconcerned people who are chopping down trees for their own petty benefits.
Sector -1 in and around Terna College of Koper Khairane, was once a green belt. But within a span of one year the roads started looking barren because trees that flanked them started vanishing. Trying to find the reason behind this, a few concerned residents came to know that since these trees happened to be in front of some shops they were removed. In the small lane in front of the Green Lawn Society and Plot number-91which link Sector-1 with sector 1A Koper Khairane and Ghansoli was the only spot where trees were left untouched but in the past three days some people have restarted axing of trees.
When contacted Ward Officer of Koper Khairane, Subhash Gaikar says, “I am not aware of any such act. However, we will organize a checking and anyone found guilty will be punished”. Giving more information he adds, “As per rule anyone who finds obstruction of trees has to apply for taking permission to either chop or axe them down. Also, to compensate for the loss they have to plant the same number of trees at another place. This is mandatory for every second person or authority”.
It may be recalled that Cityplus had carried an article ‘Trees being grown on paper only in Vashi’. But chopping of trees is still continuing in Navi Mumbai and the civic authorities are turning a blind eye to it.

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