Holding pond work halted after NMMC elections

De-silting and capacity restoring of the holding pond along Mini Sea Shore in Vashi was one of the promises held out to voters during NMMC elections. Just a couple of weeks before elections, work on the holding pond along mini sea shore were initiated. The boundary wall was broken and debris was dumped into the pond for bulldozer to remove sludge etc. But to the dismay of residents just after elections were over, the work has been halted.
Residents of sectors 6, 7 and 8 and also those who come down to walk at the mini sea shore area say that NMMC has not only played with the sentiments of people by initiating work prior to elections, but also increased the threat of flooding in the city by dumping more debris in the pond. The sludge gathered here is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and virus which can lead to contagious diseases like malaria, jaundice, typhoid etc. The stink that will be generated here during monsoon will be unbearable. If the corporation was not willing to give relief to us then why have they increased our problem, they ask.
NMMC city engineer Mohan Dagaonkar was not available for comment.


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