Fourteen Talaos to get facelift

Fourteen Talaos to get facelift

Six months back the general body had passed a resolution in front of the standing committee, to bring in a complete project for talaos, but all in vain. Now it is expected that the proposal will be brought in the front of the Standing Committee again. The Municipal Commissioner has brought a proposal of redeveloping and renovating fourteen talaos at a cost of Rs 32.63 crore and the construction of ten roads at the expenditure of Rs 106 crore. The work will be conducted from the funds passed by MMRDA under JNNURM project.
For waste distribution line and sewerage line Rs 292 crore has been passed. And for the other works like talao, pond, water distribution, hospital it has passed Rs 342 crore summing to Rs 634 crore.

The Tandon and Associates has been allotted the work of the talao. The works that will be done for the construction of talaos include:
o Foundation work–constructing toe wall, stone prinking, tying knots, building separate space for throwing flowers etc. constructing footpaths across talao, compound wall building, landscaping, organizing electricity, installing benches etc.
o Installing recommended arias ion system: installing rotary Ben compressor, air diffuser, weighted tubing, compressor cabinet, connecting electricity, cabling, providing hybrid power back-up etc.
o Cleaning the talao in organic system.
o Removing sludge from the talao.

Many traditional and religious functions are held in the talaos, but the talaos are in such a pathetic condition that nobody feels like going to these talaos. And every year the proposal for the development of these talaos is planned but never implemented. Now let’s see when the proposal gets implemented.

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