Former MP Loknete Ramseth Thakur applauds Panvel Uday Newspaper

Former MP Loknete Ramseth Thakur applauded the Panvel Uday newspaper published by Editor Santosh Wawhal in presence of Kokan Diary Publisher Editor Kokan Diary Sayyed Akbar, Vadalwara Publisher Editor Vijay Kadu, Jansabha Publisher Editor Appasaheb Magar, Navi Mumbai Lifestyles Editor Jaspal Singh Naol and others.

Speaking on the occasion former MP Loknete Ramseth Thakur expressed, “Editor Santosh Wawhal has always taken up issues with pertaining to the Peoples Woe. His this edition too reflects the issue of traffic in Panvel and its outskirt region. MLA Prashant Thakur is also concerned about the infrastructure development of the city and has always tried to bring in new projects that will ensure quality infrastructure to the citizens. Even today he has gone for a similar meeting with one of the Minister. He is making sure that the quality of roads increases through various schemes and funds.”

He further added, “I extend my goodwill and good wishes to Editor Wawhal for his efforts for the raising peoples voice”.


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