Footpaths of Vashi to be re-built

Residents of Vashi, who had to move on broken footpaths, have a good news in store. The Standing Committee has passed a resolution for organizing the repairing and re-development of footpaths.
NMMC city engineer Mohan Dagaonkar informs, “We have been receiving complaints from the residents of sectors 1 to 8 and also from 30 and 30 A of Vashi that footpaths are in poor condition due to which walking on them has become risky. So we have called for tenders to initiate development work. On November 4, the standing committee passed a resolution for starting of re-development work. The work is expected to start immediately and will be completed within three months at the estimated cost of Rs 21.60 lakh. Similarly, work will also be initiated in sectors 6 to 10 of Sanpada”.
Speaking on the issue one of the residents of sector -1, Vashi Mrs. Peerbhoy says, “Manholes and open drains are more threatening. As it is nowadays because of mobile phones one is always found busy and careless while walking. Children are never careful while playing or running. Senior citizens are unable to notice open drains on footpaths, especially during night”.
She adds “The corporation must stop using fibre covers being used on manholes as they are not so strong and one almost gets off-balance on them. Replacing them with old concrete ones will be a big relief for all of us”.


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