Five-star facilities at UP guest house

Uttar Pradesh state guest house coming up in Navi Mumbai is being equipped with facilities at par with a five-star hotel. The building is also the first to be built as per norms of fire safety.
Rajendra Tiwari, Project engineer informs, “As the guest house is to cater high-level ministers, officials and industrialists, it has been developed according to the specifications and standard of a five star hotel. For proper safety measures we have installed a complete fire system which includes fire alarms, fire sprinklers, smoke detector as found in A class buildings only.”
Ashok Kumar, a representative of Uttar Pradesh government informs “It has been almost one and half since the work was initiated and we expect it to be completed within this month and by December we will be able to open it officially. The project cost is approximately Rs 20 crore”.
Giving specific information on the structure he said “It’s a ground plus four storey structure with two meeting halls and a conference room.”

—Jaspal Singh Naol

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