The yellow fibre caps on storm water drains are still the biggest threat for pedestrians in busy markets of Navi Mumbai. Mafatlal Chauhan an entrepreneur of Big Splash Co Operative Society, sector 17 Vashi informed “Big Splash has hundreds of small and big shops and offices. This is also used by thousands of business enterprises and executives as an entrance to sector 17, the district business centre. Thousands of commuters come here on daily basis”.
A shopkeeper Govind bhai says, “Thousands of visitors coming here are seen crossing the busy road by running and the very moment they reach the corner of the footpath they have to control themselves from turning victim to this yellow fiber cap on the drain. Many a time our customers turn victims and prefer not to visit again. It leads to loss of business for us”.Chauhan says “Even I had a fall due to this weak yellow fiber cap and many more have fallen victims. Unfortunately even after informing the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation no effort has been made to replace the cap”.

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