Every step ahead – Kirti Kumar, Founder of One Good Internet Private Limited, creating a record of success

There are so many opportunities in the IT sector that those who know the right time have made a name for themselves in this field. Similarly, in a very short span of time, young entrepreneur Kirti Kumar has earned the trust of everyone through his hard work in this field. Born in Akoli village of Banaskantha district of Gujarat and completed his studies in Rajasthan, Kirti Kumar started his company in Navi Mumbai named Digital Park in 2017.

Due to the benefit of the service of this company to the customers, people kept joining and the name of the company kept on increasing. One Good Internet Private Limited was established to meet the international demand for state level services.

Through this company, work is done in a project manner in China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries. The work is done through surveillance analysis by the police department and with central government, petroleum company in seven different states. Similarly, parents can see on the screen what their children are doing in school and in the classroom.

Thousands of satisfied customers are the foundation of this company’s success. With our technology, speedy driving people and criminals can be detected quickly through face detection, which can stop crime.

Kirti Kumar’s One Good Internet Pvt Ltd has now successfully forayed into the retailer. Starting the office in Karanjade to serve the customer. Through this CCTV cameras are installed in shops and offices, farm houses, cars for domestic use.

The company has not only focused on the industry and its own profit, but also on the education of girls in rural areas. He took the initiative to enroll many girls in the school. He also provided financial assistance for the orphanage in the same way during the floods in Mahad. Even when restrictions were imposed during the Covid when many people were provided shelter and accommodation.

One Good Internet Private Limited has its offices in Navi Mumbai, Gujarat, Ahmedabad and seven different states. Glorifying his many works, many organizations have honored him.




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