A Hindi Drama Festival under the banner of Navi Mumbai Music and Drama Circle, Vashi was recently organised at the Community Center. Two dramas staged at the festival received wide accolades from the drama loving audiences.
Kasak and Yes My Dear staged by NMMDC showcased Kasak, directed by Vivek Bhagat was staged by artists Kaval Katija, Rajesh Chavan and Kadir Shaikh. Bhagat told that the play portrayed a story of a muslim couple activists. It’s all about how they were arrested by the police and tortured without any fault. And when the tortured women were brought to hospital, she was raped by the doctor. This put her into a trauma. Her husband, who becomes the leader of a communal harmony and met with an accident during a communal riot. He was saved by a doctor, who was passing by the road. The story gets the twist when the doctor came to live with the activist at his home. The wife of the activist, who were unconscious could identify the voice and smelled a fragrance and become conscious. She could recognise the doctor of being the same man, who had raped her. With the help of her husband, she finally takes the revenge.

While ‘Yes My Dear’ was casted by Sonal Joshi, Durgesh Budhkar and Sunil Vidhate, the script was written by Shriniwas Narvekar. Directed by Rita Gupte, the play staged the story of a woman being abused by her husband. Later, she run away from him to pursue a career in art. Finally, becomes an owner of an Art Gallery and then get married to a young lad. Unfortunately, her past husband finds her and reveals the fact in front of the new husband. This makes the new husband to demand for the ownership of the art gallery. To save her gallery, she motivates the old husband to kill the new one. And as per the plan, the older one does and is sent behind bars. At last, the woman could retain her art gallery. The concept, design and the direction were done by Vivek Bhagat.

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