Directions to be followed by Co-operative Housing Societies to eradicate COVID-19

Since the Coronavirus has infected the country, the Government has enforced curfew under Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code. When it is necessary to avoid gathering and crowd, people are still crowding the streets for purchasing vegetables and groceries. So, to prevent this certain directives has to be followed by the housing societies as ordered by CIDCO. The Honourable Municipal Commissioners of Navi Mumbai, Panvel and Thane have given instructions regarding action to be taken during the lock down period by all registered housing societies in Navi Mumbai.

According to the provisions under section 154B (27) (1) of the Maharashtra Co-op. Societies Act, 1960, Co-operative Housing societies registered under the jurisdiction of joint registrar(CIDCO), Navi Mumbai should follow these instructions:-

  1. To provide sanitizer, soap, water etc. to every person entering in the society premises, at the gate of the society
  2. To collect the demands of grocery, vegetables etc. necessary to each member by intercom and accordingly by placing the order of essential commodities (member wise) with nearest grocery shop or suppliers and get it deliver to the gate following the distribution of the commodities to the respective members without creating crowd while distribution.
  3. Essential commodities should be delivered at the society gate Or public places through supplying machinery.
  4. Office bearers should ensured that , those citizen’s who came in the society from foreign, and have stamp on their hand as ‘Home Quarantine’, are following quarantine strictly and their health checking is made according to the instructions given by the medical officer.
  5.  Authorized public notices issued by the Municipal Corporation for getting health check in the Municipal Corporation and Government Hospitals should be brought to the notice of the members of the society and follow the instructions given in it.
  6. The office bearers should take precaution that the members of the society should not go out of the society unless unavoidable circumstances as well as shall not gather at club house, gym, garden or anywhere in the society premises.
  7. Senior citizens and handicapped people living alone in the society should be taken care of and proper cleanliness should be maintained of lifts, entrance lobby and common area.

The office bearees of all the housing societies has been kindly requested for their cooperation to prevent the spreading of this deadly virus. It is the need of the time to assist the government authorities in eradicating Coronavirus while taking necessary precautionary measures and avoiding unnecessary gatherings.

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