The corona virus (COVID 19) has spread across multiple countries and infected thousands of people and has created serious health issues. Many countries are facing unprecedented challenge from COVID 19. The impact on the health of people all over the world continues to grow. India too is facing the outbreak of COVID- 19. As per the directives of Central and State Government the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has taken different containment measures to prevent the wide spread of COVID-19.

The Government is taking several proactive preventive measures. Reiterating the importance of social distancing the government has called for a nationwide lockdown for 21 days. In this period people have to stay at home in order to break the Corona virus chain. During this period all steps have been taken by government to supply of life essential items such as Grocery, vegetables, fruits, medicines etc.

This is a nationwide crisis and we all have to come together to overcome this. In case in future if emergency situation arises, to face and to go through this disaster, everyone will face the hardship. Therefore for better outcomes, the support and meaningful contribution, participation and cooperation of every citizen is needed.

Therefore NMMC hereby appeal to all different types of NGOs, Mandals, Corporate Sector, Private Sector, Industrialists, Cooperative Societies and Hotel owner association, Chemist Association and IMA to come forward and participate in the fight against COVID-19 by willingly providing Grocery Packets / Ready to Eat food packets (Preferred are Grocery Packets), Masks, N-95 Masks, NRM Oxygen Mask, Sanitizers, Liquid Soaps, Hand Gloves, Blood Donors of Various Blood Groups, Ventilators, Beds along with mattresses, Suction Machines, PPE Kits, Medical Kits etc. In case of rise of emergency situation we may need volunteers/ medical and paramedical manpower’s as well in a big way to help people in this crucial moment.

Any Organization who wishes to provide any the above items are requested to route there items only through Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Such that preventing measures of distancing will be taken care which will prevent COVID – 19 to spread.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation will organized a control system to identify the Needy. Such that every health received will reach to the right people.

Therefore NMMC appeals to all those who can provide any such kind of help to please contact us on Toll free No. 1800222309/10 and give their details, so that as matter of preparedness the NMMC will approach them as an when required.



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