By Journalist Jaspal Singh Naol (Jal)

Belapur: In Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) limits there are many private Coaching classes , play schools and nurseries running in Ground + Four floor Residential as well as commercial buildings. It has come to the notice that either the building owner or the institutes owners are not complying with the fire safety rules. 

The NMMC Fire Department has asked the owners of the building as well as co-operative housing societies and all such institutions operating in buildings in the NMMC limits to have all the Fire safety measures implemented and get an Fire Audit only through Fire safety agencies that are registered under Maharashtra Fire Services and having appropriate Licence. The Fire audit must be submitted to the Fire Department. The decision has been taken considering seriousness of the recent massive fire which broke out at a four-storey building, housing a coaching centre, in Surat that took life of 18 Students.

The NMMC Fire Department has also stated that if the said Owners, Co-Operative societies, Institutions do not submit the Fire Audit than any unfortunate incident if happen it will be wholely their responsibility and will also have to face legal action.

On the similar grounds all the Residential, Commercial and Special Usage Buildings wherein permanent fire  safety equipment have been installed they must submit their ‘Form B’ of Maharashtra Fire Prevention Life Safety Act 2006 and Rule 2009 sub section 3(3), twice a year, that is in January and June to the Chief Fire officer of NMMC Fire Department only through License Agency. The list of such agency can be found on List of License Agency or from the official website .

If the Owner / Co-Operative Housing Society / Institutes fails to do so their Water and Electricity connection shall be disconnected under Maharashtra Fire Prevention Life Safety Act 2006 and Rule 2009 sub section 8(2). And they may also face legal action under section 36.

It may be recalled around a decade back when the Vijay Nahata was the City Commissioner a survey was organised and according to the civic records it was found that, in Navi Mumbai limit there were 330 buildings taller than 24 metres and 1179 are shorter than that. In addition, there were 15 gas godowns, 39 petrol pumps and 46 timber marts all of which are still considered highly prone to fire hazards.

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