CIDCO successfully clears entire Navi Mumbai International Airport site

CIDCO has achieved a significant milestone in the Navi Mumbai International Airport project


All 3070 structures in the ambitious Navi Mumbai International Airport project area have been evicted by CIDCO and entire site of 1160 ha. has been handed over to the concessionaire. Also the rehabilitation of more than 5000 families from these villages is near to completion. With this CIDCO has achieved an important milestone in the Navi Mumbai International Airport project.& quot; CIDCO has successfully completed the important milestones of the airport project till date due to the cooperation of the PAPs of NMIA. The challenging task of clearing airport site was not exception to it. The work of Navi Mumbai International Airport is proceeding as per the scheduled timelines and the project is on track.” expressed Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, CIDCO


CIDCO is developing an international airport project on an area of 1160 hectares by acquiring 10 villages in Panvel Taluka of Raigad district. Considering the contribution made by the PAPs from these villages for a nationally important project, CIDCO has given them the best rehabilitation package in the country approved by the Government of Maharashtra. Also, for the rehabilitation of those affected by the airport project, CIDCO is developing Pushpak Nagar, a complete rehabilitation and resettlement area with all the physical, social and cultural infrastructure near the airport area.


For this international airport project, CIDCO received an excellent cooperation from the PAPs at every stage. So far, 3070 buildings in the airport core area have been evicted by CIDCO.


Rehabilitation of more than 5000 families from these evicted buildings to the rehabilitation and resettlement area is near to completion.


Public buildings, churches as well as public and privately owned a total of 56 temples have been relocated to the rehabilitation area and the idols have been honorably shifted with the support of the PAPs. A total of 27 constructions including community temples, schools and cemeteries have been evicted.

Important pre-development works in the airport area have already been completed. The Navi Mumbai International Airport project have always been received a significant contribution from the project affected people and the villagers and there is no doubt that the city of Navi Mumbai will occupy an important place on the world map.



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