Chaotic traffic around Vashi hospital needs streamlining

The only general hospital of entire Navi Mumbai is located in Sector 10, Vashi. Ideally, reaching here should be easy for patients but that is not the case. Traffic chaos created in its vicinity makes the hospital virtually inaccessible.
The lane in which the hospital is located has three schools: Anjuman Islam, Sainath and St. Mary’s. The problem of traffic chaos reaches its peak when the schools get over and a sea of students converges on the road. As school buses to pick up students line up, cars and other vehicles of parents and guardian who come to pick up their wards also clog up road space. With students scattered all over the road, all vehicles move at snail’s pace. Amidst such traffic chaos, honking raises a lot of cacophony.
Interestingly, the hospital has also been equipped with a trauma centre and that means victims of accidents and other critical patients need to come here. But given the conditions, it is unlikely an ambulance can reach in time. Patients complain that many times they have been caught in traffic chaos on their way to the hospital. Some of them even returned home in disgust.
It is not so that the corporation has not taken note of the problem. A year back one side had been declared as no parking zone around this lane. But its implementation has apparently failed to work.
Executive engineer Anil Nerpagar informs, “One side of the whole stretch has been declared as ‘No Parking’. This was done for the convenience of parents and guardians who come to drop and pick their wards. But unfortunately people continue to park on both sides, creating chaotic conditions outside the hospital”.
He points out that it’s the responsibility of traffic police to ensure that no vehicles are parked on ‘No Parking’.
An official of traffic department says, “We conduct regular patrolling and if any vehicle is found parked in ‘No Parking’ zone it is towed away”.
However, a resident T Ganpathy who stays in the lane refutes official statements. “Neither any official from NMMC, nor Traffic department is ever seen here to streamline traffic”.
—Jaspal Singh Naol

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