Caution, a chain-snatching every week reported in Vashi

Chain-snatching is increasing in the city. On an average, one chain-snatching incident is being reported every two days in Navi Mumbai, while in Vashi the average is one chain snatching every week. The common targets are morning walkers and market-goers, especially women, who are caught unawares by bike-borne miscreants or ‘controlled’ through hypnotism.
A victim, 52-year-old Sushila Joseph recounts her experience, “Usually, along with my friends I used to go for morning and evening walk in the vicinity of Mini Sea shore, but as the incidents of chain snatching kept on increasing at this place, we decided to go around NMSA play ground. Unfortunately, I was targeted at this place and suffered a loss of Rs 30,000.” Veena Dalvadi, resident of B-Type, Sector-6, Vashi says, “The only option left for us is to wear artificial jewellery”.
Anand Mallige a local social worker says, “Sectors 6, 7 and 8 of Vashi are posh localities and one chain snatching every month is reported here. Virtually no police patrolling is done here and the area has easy accessibility to Sion-Panvel highway. There is a small police booth near the subway, but not a single policeman is deployed there”. We have listed a few of the recent cases of chain snatching that have occurred from 1-25 May.If one goes through the statistics, it is found that chain snatchers mostly targeted their victims in the first week of the month. Between May 1 to 8 chains worth Rs 2,85,200 were snatched. From May 18-25 chains worth Rs 1,38,000 were snatched.
If we calculate area-wise amount of chain snatching, it is found that in Vashi the amount is Rs 1,85,000 from six residents. It is followed by Rs 1,40,000 from five people at CBD Belapur. Two people were deprived of their chains worth Rs 65,000 in Kharghar. Two chain snatchings in Nerul cost Rs 28,200 and one in Ghansoli cost Rs 5000.
—Jaspal Singh Naol


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