Better use public transport than risk your vehicle on potholed roads

Better use public transport than see your personal vehicle breaking down every other day on potholed roads of city’. Motorists of Vashi are doling out this sound advice to each other as goodwill gesture.
Touted as the ‘city of 21st century’ Navi Mumbai has transformed into a city of potholes. Sandeep Pawar, resident of Sector-1 Vashi informs, “If you ride from Shivaji Chowk to Turbhe Naka, you will have to do quite a bit of zig-zag driving to avoid the countless potholes on the road. Not only will your ride be bumpy but your vehicle will also get damaged. Since it is rainy season, most of the time potholes are filled with water and hence become invisible to road users. Two-wheeler drivers especially fall prey to them and risk their lives or limbs”.
Avinash Sharma, a resident of Sector-2 Koper Khairane added, “It’s high time that one learns to move around the city without own vehicle because you never know where you will fall down”.
Navin Gaikwad, resident of Jyoti Apartments in Sector-3, Koper Khairane says, “Right from Sector-3 bus stop to our society the whole stretch is riddled with potholes. Most of us have stopped using our motorcycles as they were getting damaged and every other day had to be taken to the mechanic”.

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