Navi Mumbai Lifestyles Ulwe Monsoon Deluge due to CIDCO the Green Society Forum demarking Open Drains 03 aMonsoon has become a reason of concern for residents of Ulwe. Due to the lack of services extended by CIDCO, people are living in a threatness of either turning prey of big open manholes or face the quarrels and practice of assaulting.

CIDCO has failed to create proper roads, storm water drainage and sewerage system in Ulwe thus creating flood like condition on every roads. From years the residents, commercial people and their respective visitors are usually being found turning victims of Open Manholes which lies on the midst and the corners of the roads. Incidents of children, women, men and vehicles falling in the open manholes and drains of Ulwe sector 19, 20, 21 etc. happens on a daily basis.

Navi Mumbai Lifestyles Ulwe Monsoon Deluge due to CIDCO the Green Society Forum demarking Open Drains 01Green Society Forum has initiated a new campaign wherein they demarks such Open Manholes by creating a stone based border line in the surrounding of the whole having depths of more than 5 feets. The team has found that there are more than hundred such open manholes and broken footpaths with no cover on storm water drains and sewarage drainage lines.

Navi Mumbai Lifestyles Ulwe Monsoon Deluge due to CIDCO the Green Society Forum demarking Open Drains 02Kishor Biswas, Founder Member, Green Society Forum expressed, “When the system fails to provide the needed services, than it becomes the responsibility of every individual to stand together and work for the upliftment of the city. Ulwe is a node which has been developing since last Ten years, however the CIDCO has always given it a blind look. Thus leading to rising Health issues in the residents. Even if people die in Ulwe there is no Government Hospital to provide Death Certificate here”.

Another Founder Member of Green Society Forum Binoy K said, “When we say Health its really serious, the chocked up Sewarage Drainage water is found overflowing and gets mixed with the rain water, thus when children, women, youth or men who comes in contact with this water start carrying number of diseases along with her/him”.

Navi Mumbai Lifestyles Ulwe Monsoon Deluge due to CIDCO the Green Society Forum demarking Open Drains 03Abu Ramzia also a member of Green Society Forum expressed, “Yes we believe that every individual must come forward and do something for its place. So we started demarking the most dangerous spots which have open manholes and filled with rain water. We create a stone based circle around these big holes so that people’s lifes are not on threat.”

Allwyn Augustine also the member of Green Society Forum stated, “We are trying to sensitize people to involve in the campaign for saving the lifes of the residents of Ulwe”

Sharing one of the incident that reached to quarrel and assaulting one of the resident in condition of being anonymous said ‘Ulwe seems to be a non liquor zone, so I and my friend were bringing Beer from CBD Belapur to Ulwe to celebrate the Birthday of third friend, however while on the way to home on two wheeler due to Flood like condition on the street when we tried to overtake an vehicle which had a Men driving, women sitting with a child, which we hardly noticed. We overtook them and unfortunately the water smashed on them and on us too from their two wheeler. Navi Mumbai Lifestyles Ulwe Monsoon Deluge due to CIDCOAfter ten fifteen minutes the person who was driving the other vehicle reached the house of friend for whose Birthday we had come. He suddenly asked who was driving the Bike and I unfortunately said I was sitting behind, no sooner he slapped me and started fighting over, we stayed calm as he wore the Police emblem Raincoat. We tried to explain him a lot that it was not our fault but of the government. Somehow he went but gave us a warning.”

Green Society Forum, Founder Member, Jal said, “However the water on the road was due to rainfall, but flood like condition was due to the lack of services extended by CIDCO.  And the innocent residents are turning victim of these life threatening open manholes, moreover due to such scenario the level of stress has also gone high in the people. Thus people are turning enemies of each other on daily basis on petty incidents. We just hope the Governing bodies wake up soon before the stress burst out as Public Outcry “

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