Alert, aware citizen helps nab fake note circulators

Forged notes are aimed to introduce terrorism and subvert the economy of a country. Has it ever occurred to you to check whether the notes that you hold so dearly are fake or not? But Inderjeet Singh Dhir, director of Sai Nanak Music Academy, Vashi not only bothered to check the notes and found them fake but also dared to take the initiative to get those behind the racket in fake notes arrested. Inderjeet Singh recalls the experience. “I have a Hyundai Accent 2000 model which I wanted to sell off but unfortunately I was not getting its expected value from the market. So I asked my servicing garage people to get me a good deal”.
“On Saturday, April 17 afternoon two men, Arif Khan (35) and Asif Shah (40) claiming to be car dealers from Kurla approached me and offered to buy my car. Local dealers had quoted me Rs 60,000. However I wanted a minimum of Rs 1,00,000. The duo accepted my price without too much negotiation. As token amount they handed me Rs 10,000 and left with the assurance that rest of the money will be handed over to me by evening.
After they left I thought it was strange that if the local dealers were not ready to offer more than Rs 60,000 how come they were ready to pay Rs 1,00,000. Secondly as an alert citizen I never miss reading articles and watching news related to fake notes. I also keep a currency checking machine at home. When these guys went off I started checking the notes as they seemed to be a bit lighter in weight than usual notes.I found that there were lines between the notes, indicating they were fake. I immediately approached police and accordingly under the direction of police inspector Rajkumar Chafekar a trap was laid. As these so-called dealers, reached my academy and initiated the transaction, the policemen caught them red-handed,” he recounts.
Upon investigation one of them was found to be an estate agent while the other is in advertising and they disclosed that they had received the amount from some other party. With further investigations, police is expecting to burst one of the biggest rackets in fake currency.
PI Chafekar says, “Alert citizens like Inderjeet
Singh lend to police their invaluable support in
checking crime”.
—Jaspal Singh Naol

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