Life Threats in Ulwe: Monsoon and Open Manholes. Green Society Forum demarking Threatening Spots

Monsoon has become a reason of concern for residents of Ulwe. Due to the lack of services extended by CIDCO, people are living in a threatness of either turning prey of big open manholes or face the quarrels and practice of assaulting. CIDCO has failed to create proper roads, storm water drainage Continue Reading

CIDCO launches complaint numbers to report garbage menace

To ensure clean city and in response to the woes received by the citizens, CIDCO has established a system for receiving garbage complaints exclusively. To stop the garbage menace, citizens are requested to lodge their grievances through the complaints numbers. One can report problems like non-lifting of garbage, debris from societies and community Continue Reading

CREDAI – BANM’s 16th Mega Property Exhibition

The city gears up for another exhilarating property show that promises  a unique combination of affordability and luxury.  With properties  suiting families of all sizes to budgets  fitting all pockets.  Like every year,  thousands will throng the exhibition  in search  of  a  dream home of their own. We hope they all find one!     Let’s take a look at what’s in store for all: More than 100 Builders will be participating! 143 stalls on the offering Flat sizes between 300 sqft and 10,000 sqft Price range between 11 lakhs and 20 crores Top financial institutions at your service Transparent and Value Added Packages Sponsors: Paradise Group | Akshar | Sai Raj Construction | Arihant Superstructures Ltd. Co-Sponsors: Bhumi Raj | Juhi Developers     Share on: